Comics for Promoting Plant-based agriculture

Com4AgriPlant actively combats climate change by promoting and spreading practices for plant-based agricultural production and consumption.

Our goal:

Create an alternative and open learning path about plant-based agricultural production and consumption using comics.

What´s plant-based agriculture?

Plant-based agriculture is a form of agricultural production based on the production of plants and vegetables for human consumption rather than for meat and dairy production.

Why comics?

Comics are a great learning tool for adults.

They are a transversal and inclusive artistic expression that can be appreciated by everybody.

They have the extraordinary power to tell complicated stories in a way that is easy to understand.

They can be more effective than a written text.

They can be very helpful in improving our habits as consumers.


Research of promotional strategies and lifelong learning opportunities on plant-based farming

Com4AgriPlant learning methodology and innovative toolkit

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