Salmorejo – A tasty and easy Andalusian Soup

November 24, 2023

While it may not be the season for it, Salmorejo is a famous Andalusian soup dish that has a long history and belongs to a whole repertoire of cold-served vegetable-based soups that are especially popular in summer when the vegetables are in season and the hot weather of southern Spain makes cold food more appealing.
For those who are worried that plant-based diet has to be boring or heavy soup or stews, as we mentioned in our other posts as examples of good dishes, Salmorejo is a delightfully light and tasty dish that has a distinct flavour unlike your typical soup. In Andalusia, Spain, there are a lot of these kind of soups, most popularly being salmorejo, gazpacho and ajoblanco.
If you wish to cook your own salmorejo, feel free to consult the link below for the recipe, as it is easy to make and also can be used to use leftover bread that has been stale or those extra tomatoes you bought but have no idea what to really use for.