The Case for Plant-based Agriculture (and diet) to preserve our Climate and Future

October 27, 2023

When we think of top polluters in our lives and about how to cut down emissions of greenhouse gases to meet the ambitious climate goals we set for ourselves, many may think of things like saving electricity or cutting down on car usage. Which is certainly a good step to take and to be encouraged. However, one thing that many people also may want to consider to reduce their impact on the environment is the reduction of animal-based agriculture and consumption.
Livestock held for the production of meat, eggs, dairy and other products or services is no insignificant contributor to greenhouse gasses. This stems from their CO2 emissions as they are breathing and burning oxygen like most other animals, but also because of gasses such as methane which are a by-product of their digestion and also released from manure and which can cause much greater harm than CO2. In fact, according to 2018 data from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, the total of emissions of greenhouse gasses in CO2-equivalent for livestock in the EU was 502 million tonnes vs 656 million tonnes for cars and vans, rising to 704 million tonnes if emissions from animal feed production are factored in.
Reducing our consumption of animal-based food products can be an easy way to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment and while moving away from cars at times can be difficult without alternatives in public transport or carpooling, plant-based food produce is easily available and affordable, requiring little effort to transition and often being cheaper and coming with health benefits. So why not try it out yourself and do your part to preserve the climate.