The Project

What´s Com4AgriPlant?

Com4AgriPlant is a European project born by the joint work of six partners from five European countries and funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

The project responds to the lack of promotion of plant-based production and consumption on the national and European level, the lack of sustainability competences of different adult educators/counsellors/lecturers who have not many opportunities to gain this type of knowledge and skills; and the lack of knowledge about the benefits of plant-based production and consumption on the side of food producers (farmers and other producers) and end consumers.

Recently, a growing number of experts and responsive consumers have started talking about plant-based agriculture. In fact, thanks to an increased attention on the impact of animal farming on the environment, and more concerns about food safety, public health and biodiversity, plant-based agriculture seems to have become a concrete alternative to large-scale industrial production of food, other than being an important way to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

Plant-based farming can be both small-scale and large-scale and includes a large range of different practices such as crop rotation, soil conservation, optimising water use and many other organic and sustainable cultivation practices.

Similarly, in recent years, there has been an increasing demand for plant-based food and plant-based diets have also become increasingly popular as awareness of their health and environmental benefits has similarly grown.

A plant-based diet is the consumption of plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds as the main source of nutrition. Plant-based diets can vary in strictness, from completely vegan (excluding all animal products) to eating small amounts of animal products such as fish or dairy.

Still, achieving the climate ambitions requires a paradigm shift in the agri-food sector, and includes challenging current status quo, which proved not to deliver on sustainability goals.

Our objectives


To contribute to the environment and climate change mitigation through increased production and consumption of plant-based food.


To promote plant-based farming and consumption by developing an innovative learning methodology and tools for adults on the topic of plant-based farming and consumption.




Research on existing policies and learning opportunities
  • Creation of a research report on policies and strategies already underway in Europe and in local contexts about the promotion of plant-based agriculture and consumption from an educational point of view.
  • Investigation of learning policies and opportunities in all partner countries regarding plant-based agriculture.
Creation of learning methodology & toolkit

Learning methodology for adult education and toolkit on the use of comics and innovative tools about learning and promotion of plant-based agriculture and consumption.

Creation and delivery of a training course
  • Aimed at adult educators, consultants, and trainers them to test it with their learners: producers and consumers.
  • It will offer guidelines on how to use the toolkit and how to adapt it to different educational contexts.
Development of a e-learning platform
  • For self-paced learning with all the didactic materials developed during the project: comics, videos, photos, texts, interactive tools.