What if Donald Duck taught you about plant-based food and agriculture?

October 25, 2023

Com4AgriPlant- Comics for Promoting Plant-Based Agriculture offers this and much more!

Is it possible to learn how to be a conscious producer and consumer in a sensitive and fun way? The new project Com4AgriPlant – Comics for Promoting Plant-Based Agriculture has exactly this goal, but there is also much more!

Com4AgriPlant, a new project born from the joint effort of six partners from five European countries, and developed within the Erasmus+ programme, has started.  

At the end of the first partner meeting held in Ljubljana on 30th and 31st March, the partner organisations started the initial work that will engage them for the next two years. The project is ambitious and innovative. This time the fight against climate change passes through comic strips: the characters drawn in ink become teachers of sustainable production and consumption practices, and the little white clouds explain how each of us can become more environmentally responsible consumers and reduce carbon emissions, by supporting plant-based farming. 

The aim of Com4AgriPlant is to create an open and alternative adult learning pathway on plant-based agriculture and consumption through the use of comics and graphic novels. By plant-based agriculture we mean all agricultural production that is not used for livestock, but dedicated exclusively to human consumption. It is certainly less impactful in terms of carbon emissions and is more friendly to biodiversity on our planet.

The learning pathway will become a toolkit full of teaching materials and will be made available to anyone via an e-learning platform, which can be constantly updated and improved. In addition, a training course will be developed and tested with adult trainers, educators and agricultural consultants and promoters in the field of the agri-food chain. 

At the moment, the project is in its initial phase, where each partner is working jointly on the creation of a research report on the state of European and local policies in the plant-based world, but also on how many and what opportunities there are to increase one’s knowledge, both as an operator in the sector and as a consumer.  The research will serve to map the current situation in the EU and will be a tool that will make the whole project more effective.

If you are an operator in the agricultural sector, an educator, an adults trainer, if you are interested in unconventional learning practices or if you are simply a consumer who wants to be more aware and keep informed, follow the project on our Facebook page Com4AgriPlant!

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The project

Com4AgriPlant – Comics for Promoting Plant-Based Agriculture is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme (Key Action 2, Cooperation partnerships in adult education).


The partnership consists of 6 organisations:

Coordinator: Education centre Geoss  (Slovenia)

Asociación Caminos  (Spain)

 XWhy  (Lithuania)

Kmetijski Inštitut Slovenije (KIS)  (Slovenia)

Land  (Italy)Euracademy Association (Greece)